For those not following the story, the United States let down many nations around the world when we failed to send one single dignitary to France last week for their freedom march.  To make up for this oversight, this week the U.S. sent John Kerry to France to help make up for it and he brought along singer-songwriter James Taylor with him to perform "You've Got a Friend."  Let me know when you stop gagging....If there's one thing worse than the U.S. not standing up for Free Speech, it's sending James Taylor and his shitty music to represent us.  That's why today, we count down the Top Five Singer Songwriters that John Kerry should've taken with him to France instead of James Taylor and the songs they should have performed! 

#5) Mishka Shubaly performing "Give Up"

There's an uplifting message that American can stand behind...let's just encourage the rest of the world to "Give Up."  

#4) Randy Newman performing "Political Science"

A big thanks to Randy Newman for saying what we're all thinking, "Let's drop the big one now." 

#3) Loudon Wainwright III performing "I Wish I Was A Lesbian"

If there's one thing the world needs more of, it's lesbians...

#2) Todd Snider performing "Conservative, Christian, Right-Wing, Republican, Straight, White, American Males"

New National Anthem? 

#1) Warren Zevon performing "My Shit's Fucked Up"

Forget "You've Got a Friend" if the U.S. really wants to send a message to the terrorists send Warren Zevon overseas to sing "My Shit's Fucked Up!"