In honor of Jameis Winston yelling "F*ck her right in the p***y" in a Florida State cafeteria this week, we count down the top five greatest #FHRITP videos from our favorite internet meme of all time!!!!

#5) Let's start with the original and go from there....

#4) As soon as that video went viral, the king of #FHRITP videos was born as we meet Fred who has made a habit of interrupting multiple newscasts with his favorite saying! 

#3) Once Fred started doing it, everyone joined in, including Kids at their high school talent shows....

#2) Then it spread to the World Cup! 

#1) And finally went international when it made Univision! 

And now that Jameis Winston has joined in, who knows where it goes from here!  Speaking of, if you haven't read the story yet, here's a link!