In honor of today's Least Dangerous Podcast and their search for a new "Sports Guy" today we count down the Top Five Greatest Sportscasters of All Time! 

#5) Bob Costas- Not only is he a great Sportscaster, but he is known to break into political rants out of nowhere, piss Vince McMahon off in interviews, and occasionally get pinkeye!

#4) Harry Caray- One of the greatest ever, one of the first renowned sportscasters, and thanks to him we got one of the funniest Will Ferrell pictures of all time! 

#3) Howard Cosell- the King of Monday Night Football who would also randomly show up drunk or hungover to the job! #points

#2) Marv Albert- one of his biggest catchphrases is "He served up a facial!"  Need we say more? 

#1) John Madden- the Master!!!!  He could read the phonebook on-air and we would be happy!  As long as he slipped in some "Fast Actin' Tinactin" every now and then!  As proof, here he is talking about buckets....