In honor of Nik Wallenda's High Wire Stunt last night on the Discovery Channel, today we count down the Top Five Greatest Daredevils of All Time! 

#5) Phillipe Petit

Marquee Stunt:  Walking the High Wire between the Two Towers with no permission, no safety harness, and no video camera.  He did it, to do it, a true daredevil.  Watch the movie "Man on Wire" to learn the full story behind this amazing stunt!

#4) Alain Robert- the Real Life Spiderman

Marquee Stunt:  You pick a skyscraper, he's climbed it.  Again, without permission and without a safety net.  A real life Spiderman! 

#3) Felix Baumgartner

Marquee Stunt:  Jumped from Space and set a world record for it!

#2) Evel Knievel- the world's first Daredevil Superstar!

Marquee Stunt:  He probably had more broken bones than successful stunts, but he was fearless and willing to get hurt.  No stunt proves this point better than the time he unsuccessfully tried to jump Snake River Canyon.

#1) Joseph Kittinger

Marquee Stunt:  Just like Felix Baumgartner, Joseph Kittinger jumped from space, but unlike Felix Baumgartner, it was in 1967, there was no "Red Bull sponsor," and the only reason he did was to test space equipment for the sake of science.  All that, and did we mention it was 1967 and no one knew what was going to happen?  He still did it, even with a malfunctioning suit, which gives him the distinction of being the biggest badass in a world of daredevils!