Aside from Halloween, Thanksgiving is pretty much our favorite holiday here at Explodeded, so we thought it was only fair to count down the Top Five Reasons Thanksgiving Kicks Ass!

#5) Giblets- we're not sure what they are, but the word is so much fun to say! 

#4) Pumpkin Pie- Pecan Pie can suck a d*ck for all we care, here at Explodeded, we're all about the Pumpkin, no mincemeat!

#3) Tryptophan- A natural drug in Turkey that makes us all fall asleep for hours every Thanksgiving, how great is that?  Now if only Turkey had DMT in it...

#2) Football- After a good Tryptophan nap and a piece of pumpkin pie, nothing is better than sitting down to watch a football game and hope you're team beats your in-laws team!  

#1) No Gifts- The worst part about Christmas is the best part about Thanksgiving, no gifts, just food, beer, footbal, and family!  #Points!