In honor of Game 7 tonight of the World Series, today we count down the Top Five Greatest Game 7's in World Series History! 

#5) 1985 World Series, Game 7: Cardinals @ Royals

St. Louis Cardinals 0 at Kansas City Royals 11, F -- The "Show-Me Series" came to an end on October 27, 1985 at Royals Stadium when the night after becoming a father, Royals pitcher Bret Saberhagen threw a five-hitter while leading his team to victory.

#4) 1991 World Series, Game 7: Braves @ Twins

Atlanta Braves 0 at Minnesota Twins 1, F/10 -- A classic World Series is capped by a classic Game 7 as the Twins and Braves need extra frames to determine a winner at the Metrodome.

#3) 1997 World Series, Game 7: Indians @ Marlins

Cleveland Indians 2 at Florida Marlins 3, F/11 -- At first, the 1997 World Series between the powerful Cleveland Indians and the upstart Marlins seemed as if it would be memorable only because it marked the first time a wild-card team made it to the big dance.

#2) 2001 World Series, Game 7: Yankees @ Diamondbacks

New York Yankees 2 at Arizona Diamondbacks 3, F -- A fitting finale to one of the best World Series ever. Surviving two stunning losses in Games 4 and 5, the Diamondbacks found their own late-inning magic in the person of Luis Gonzalez. It began with Hall-of-Fame-bound starters Roger Clemens and Curt Schilling trading zeros through six.

#1) 1960 World Series Game 7: Pittsburgh Pirates vs. New York Yankees 

One of the greatest WS games of all time. This was broadcast on the MLB Channel. The footage was "lost" for 50 years before someone found it among the personal archives of the legendary singer, Bing Crosby. Bing was a part owner of the Pirates and he hired someone to shoot a 'kinescope' film of this game while he was in France.