In honor of our extended conversation about the Food Network on our latest episode of Scheizen For Brains, today we count down the Top Five Worst Cooking Shows Ever Made!

#5) Rachael vs. Guy Kids Cookoff on the Food Network- What's worse than watching adults get kicked off a cooking show for their poorly executed meals?  Watching children get the boot on this show for their poorly executed macaroni and cheese.

#4) Cake Boss on TLC- Alright, we get it you're a mafia-type with a booming wedding cake business.  One problem, Mafia-Types don't run Wedding Cake businesses.

#3) Rachael vs. Guy Celebrity Cookoff on Food Network- In case you're not seeing a trend here...a quick word of wisdom- If a show starts with "Rachael vs. Guy" stay away from that show.  In this gem of a series we get to watch Chris Kattan make peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.  

#2) Time Machine Chefs on ABC- so bad, it only made it through one episode.  In this show, they pretend like chefs have literally traveled through time and have to cook using the tools that were available in that time period.  Think Bill & Ted minus the fun. 

#1) Emeril: The Sitcom on NBC- At the height of the foodie craze NBC decided that giving Emeril, a chef with no acting talent or experience, a national sitcom about being a chef.  Also, it starred Sherri Shepherd, enough said.