In honor today's Least Dangerous Podcast featuring Indie Filmmaker Onur Tukel, today we count down the Top Five Independent Films That Launched Huge Careers! 

#5) Bottle Rocket directed by Wes Anderson and Written and Starring Owen Wilson!  Not only did this film launch Wes Anderson's huge directing career, but it wouldn't take long for Owen Wilson to become one of the hugest comedy stars in the U.S.!  If only, they could have somehow prevented Me, Myself, and Dupree....

#4) Roger & Me directed by Michael Moore!  One of the greatest documentaries from the guy who later go on to direct the first documentary to ever make over $100 million at the box office!  Thank Michael Moore for making Documentaries cool! 

#3) She's Gotta' Have It directed by Spike Lee...if it weren't for this film we never would have had classic like Malcolm X, He Got Game, and most recently Old Boy.  On second thought, we probably shouldn't have mentioned Old Boy.

#2) Clerks directed by Kevin Smith and starring Jason Mewes.  Four words: Jay and Silent Bob.  'Nuff said.

#1) Reservoir Dogs directed by Quentin Tarantino.  Where would the movie be without Quentin?  Imagine a world with no Kill Bill, no Django, and no Pulp Fiction!  Also...he killed Hitler. 

Finally, if you haven't seen the trailer for Summer of Blood from writer/director Onur Tukel, go check it out here!