In honor of the latest episode of Scheizen for Brains where we discuss Hollywood Gossip with Brit Brit and talk celebrity couples, today we count down the Top Five Strangest Celebrity Hookups! 

#5) 50 Cent and Chelsea Handler- just the thought of the "Die Trying" superstar hooking up with E!'s Chelsea Handler leaves guys and gangsters everywhere saying "WTF?!" 

#4) Sandra Bullock and Jesse James- Who didn't see this one coming?  It's amazing it lasted as long as it did....

#3) Lyle Lovett and Julia Roberts- The original odd couple...

#2) Mary Kate Olsen and Olivier Sarkozy- Despite trying to be open-minded about things, there really is only one word that comes to mind looking at this picture... "EWWWW!" 

#1) Michael Jackson and Brooke Shields- Even weirder than when he married Lisa Marie Presley.  So many questions for many questions!