Ralph’s Reviews: Wendy's Bacon Queso Burger

I recently got to try the highly promoted Wendy's Bacon Queso Burger. Safe to say the anticipation to try this burger was at a very high level.

First and foremost let's begin by diving into the ingredients. The burger is a quarter-pound of fresh, never frozen beef topped with warm and spicy poblano queso, three strips of Applewood smoked bacon, fire-roasted salsa, red onions, and shredded cheddar cheese. Now, we have established the ingredients.

I was pleased to learn that you can get the burger as a combo meal with sizes of single, double, or triple meat beef patties. I decided to go with the double sized patties. My meal arrived and everything came out fresh and hot, including the fries, burger, and a cold soft drink. The burger was filled nicely with three pieces of bacon, plentiful cheese, and bits of jalapenos to give the burger and queso the kick of spiciness. For those that don't like spicy foods, don't worry the spiciness was mild. Another tidbit of information is that it comes with onion, but I am not a fan of onions so I decided to cut the onions and have them not put it on my burger. The burger was delicious, juicy, and messy. In my opinion the greasier, messier the burger, the better, that marks the sign of a good burger. I got fully satisfied and my belly full with two patties, I'm afraid I might have struggled to finish the bacon queso burger if I had gone with the triple patty.

Overall, I had a positive experience with Wendy's Bacon Queso Burger. I would definitely order it again. I give it a rating of 4.5 stars on a scale of 5. The only thing that kept me from giving this burger a rating of 5 is I could have done without the bits of jalapenos, however, it was tolerable and actually complimented the burger nicely. Just for my liking I could have done without them. I highly recommend that you give the Bacon Queso Burger from Wendy's a try.

Check back next time as I will next review the Arby's Triple Thick Brown Sugar Bacon Burger... Until next time, this has been another Ralph's Reviews from Explodeded.Com!