Ralph’s Reviews: Arby's Triple Thick Brown Sugar Bacon Roast Beef

Arbys Triple Thick Cover Pic.jpg

I recently got to try Arby's Triple Thick Brown Sugar Bacon Roast Beef. It was a seemingly slow time at the establishment as I walked in, which was nice to not have to deal with all the hustle and bustle of a crowded place. I placed my order and was ready to dig in.

Let me set the stage with the ingredients, It comes with Mild Creamy Dijon Sauce, Triple Thick Brown Sugar Bacon, Swiss Cheese, Roast Beef, Tomatoes, Leaf Lettuce, and a Brioche Bun

Not being someone that likes tomatoes I had them removed. Otherwise, My initial impression was that they really stuffed the meat in the sandwich which I liked. It is always nice to have as much ingredients in the sandwich as the bum, you never want to have more bun then actual ingredients. With My initial bite I could definitely taste the sweetness of the bacon. I had roast beef and it was plentiful. Plenty of mayo and a large peace of leaf lettuce. I can tolerate lettuce so it actual gave the sandwich a nice finish after every bite. I was satisfied with the sandwich overall. There were a couple of drawbacks however, the only issue that I really had with the sandwich was the bacon. The bacon is supposed to be the best part of the sandwich, I mean come on triple thick brown sugar bacon... Should be amazing right? Well, I will say if cooked properly yes, if not, then no. I myself like my bacon a little crispy, not too crispy, but enough to where there is a crunch. Only maybe one piece of bacon was crispy in my sandwich, the other couple of pieces were chewy like rubbery. The meat of the roast beef made up for the lackluster bacon.

This sandwich is messy, but that's a good thing. The messier the sandwich the better in my opinion. I did really enjoy this sandwich, just wish all the bacon had been cooked a bit better.

This sandwich is only around for a limited time so better hurry if you wish to try it. I got roast beef. It also comes in turkey. I give Arby's Triple Thick Brown Sugar Bacon Roast Beef a rating of 3 out of 5.