Ralph’s Reviews: More Than A Dozen Shows Have Been Cancelled In A TV Network Wipe-out

Netflix, Hulu, and other paid subscription service fans have a good reason to rejoice. Network cancellations are nothing new, but some shows that were axed were puzzling decisions.

In most cases those that subscribe and watch shows through paid subscriptions, have stopped watching network television and have done away with traditional television altogether. These subscribers can feel superior after hearing about the recent massive list of shows that were cancelled by television networks, since they don't have to worry about a network deciding the fate of their shows or series.

Tim Allen's 'Last Man Standing comedy was cancelled by ABC after six seasons, despite it having strong ratings. This was a favorite of mine, I have always been a fan of Tim Allen. It was nice for him to find a second act on the small screen after having much success with his 90's sitcom 'Home Improvement'. 'Last Man Standing' was criticized however, for being to political at times. Which might have ultimately sealed it's fate.

A couple other shows that were my favorite were also cancelled. ABC's Dr. Ken which starred Ken Jeong and a revival of the original 'Odd Couple' from CBS. The 'Odd Couple' had seemingly ran out of story lines, even though I would have like it to continue. The end of Dr. Ken was a move from ABC that completely caught me off guard. It had cleaver writing, comedic timing, just an all around great family comedy series. It lasted just two seasons.

I think this shows that ABC is desperate, and they are making room for you guessed it more reality TV, like we didn't have enough of that already. Desperate times call for desperate measures. That's why ABC is going to try and pull 'American Idol off life support and revive a reality series that no one wants. I mean Simon Cowell does not even want any part of the revival. I certainly do not blame him. He is currently the judge and producer of 'America's Got Talent'. If you are a fan of The 'Voice' don't worry 'American' Idol is not going to even come close to you in terms of an audience, people are not going to flock back to 'Idol'. Kelly Clarkson even turned down a role on the new' 'Idol and she is 'American Idol's' most recognizable stars. Instead, she will be a judge on season 14 of the voice.

Other notable shows that were cancelled by their network include, 'The Catch', 'American Crime', 'Secrets, & Lies', 'Grimm', 'Rosewood', '2 Broke Girls', 'Reign', and the list goes on.

Network cancellations of TV shows are nothing new, but the amount of shows is rather large this time around. Network television is facing difficult times as they face strong competition from Netflix, and Hulu, and more. Network television is struggling to attract new viewers and that is a major problem. Networks are feeling the pressure and reacting with poor decisions in my opinion. They need to just stay the course, but they are reacting to what is going on online which may doom network television in the long run.