Ralph’s Reviews: The Hype and Fluff Over Fake News

Fake news has been deemed a new thing, but it is reallly not as new as it has been presented. Sure, the meaning of fake news has changed in terms of its delivery, but nothing more, nothing less. The internet specifically social media has sparked a flame into the meaning of fake news. Let’s face it, fake news was not a thing a few months ago, but all of a sudden it has resurfaced louder than ever, but it really is just more bark than bite.

The internet has posed a challenge for traditional media to not be out done by fake news on the internet. It is true that there is more click bate material on the internet now more than ever before, and yes click bate can be classified as fake news. However, in my opinion click bate is not journalism, therefore, if it is not journalism it is not fake news. Click bate is more solisitation than anything.

Some may rely on social media for a quick headline to briefly read while scrolling, but that gives them a false sense of trust. It has gotten harder for some to filter out the fluff and know which news or media outlet to trust. Is your news source credible? If you’re not sure here are some questions to ask, are they factual? Fact check your sources stories, if they turn out to have the facts then they are likely trustworthy. Another question to ask is, does your source have the resources to do in-depth storytellling and investigating,? If yes, then that is a sign that they are a credible source. The most telling question to ask is, is your source giving the facts, and nothing but the facts, or are they just trying to put their own spin on a story to serve their hidden agenda, if you can realisticly point out that they are in fact just giving ou the facts and no fluff then you have your answer about your source that they are trustworthy or not.

Bottomline... The internet has caused us to question our news, traditional media is not completely in the clear though as they have their own hand in this as they tried so hard to be first rather than factual. For many that hurt their credibillity. At the end of the day, fake news should be something only referred too when it comes to click bate. In my opinion, the majority of news outlets are credible, trustworthy, and still doing journalism the right way. Now, it is just up to you to determine which news outlet or media outlet you can trust.