Ralph’s Reviews: Careful What You Wish For Los Angeles, You Now Have 2 Bad NFL Teams

With the NFL draft now just days away, let’s look back at how Los Angeles got what they had wanted and hoped for since the 1990’s. For an NFL team to come back to L.A. Unfortunately, Los Angeles may not be so satisifed with what they get from The National Football League.

It had been highly anticipated for many years that the NFL would finally return to Los Angeles. I was too young to experience the NFL in Los Angeles with the then Los Angeles Rams. In the mid 90’s the Rams moved from Los Angeles to Saint Louis. Los Angeles was left without an NFL team, and many questioned if the NFL would ever come back to L.A. In 2016 the Rams relocated from Saint Luis back to Los Angeles, and in 2017 the San Diego Chargers are relocating to Los Angeles. The two teams have similar problems, they are not winning, and they have not won recently. The NFL has always been what have you done for me lately, in other words have you been successful recently. The question now becomes which team will L.A support? That remains to be seen.

The San Diego Chargers, Now The Los Angeles Chargers, have had he same problem that The Los Angeles Rams have had, and that is that they both have been losing for awhile. The Rams move from St Louis to LA leaves all their fans behind and they expect the fans from St Louis to stay loyal to the team which is not realistic. They also hope LA fans from their previous stint in LA hop back on and support them.

Ownership of both The LA Rams and The LA Chargers have been scrutinized by both the media and the fan bases for being greedy. Ownership has been looking at the doallars more than what would be in the best interest of the fans.

Fans in LA need a winner, and that is going to take some time. It will take time to build a fan base for The NFL in LA. Ownership for both teams are under a lot of pressure in LA to get things right with the fans.