Ralph’s Reviews: Drinking A Long Island Iced Tea

In this review I will be talking about how I continue to explore different types of beverages with alcohol in them.

This time I had the opportunity to try a Long Island Iced Tea. I had heard mixed opinions about the drink, like for some it was too strong for them. Some also said they preferred their’s sweet and not salty. For others that said they liked it stout so that it had a bit of a kick to it. The time came for me to place my order and I did. In fact, I went ahead and order a Long Island Iced Tea to give it a try for myself. The beverage took a few minutes to get to the table, the beverage arrived about the same time as my meal did. The first sip that I took of a long island iced tea had a very strong taster of alcohol. I mean I expected to taster alcohol, but it was a very noticible taste of alcohol. It had a very nice kick to it. The drink was salty which was nice, I am used to salty alcoholic beverages. As I continued to drink it became sweet as I went from the top of the drink, to the middle, and then the bottom of drink. The sweetness finished the drink off nicely and it was quite enjoyable.

I would have to say that I had an overall good experience with a long island iced tea. After drinking it I felt a noticeable kick. Which I guess could be expected from something like a long island iced tea and many beverages that contain alcohol. It is a drink that I would recommend to someone. For those that are not fans of salty alcoholic beverages, I would say to still give it a chance because it does become sweeter as you continue to drink it.

If you happen to be curious, a long island iced tea consist of, vodka, gin, tequila, triple sec, cola, lemon for the sourness, and the cola adds the sweetness.

As always it is best to consume alcohol in moderation and always drink responsibly. Until next time this has been another Ralph’s Reviews.