Show Notes: The Jake The Snake Show!

In this episode of The Explodeded Show, JC & Cereal kick things off by discussing how disturbing the movie Beethoven is, then talk to wrestling legend Jake The Snake Roberts, before wrapping up with some more movie talk about Arrival! All in the latest episode of The Explodeded Show!


This Week's Guest: Jake The Snake





Featured Music By: Jim's Big Ego.





0:00-2:04: WiredCereal and JC King open the show.


2:05-10:24: JC and Cereal discuss their YouTube videos.


10:25-28:16: Movie talk with the guys about how disturbing the movie Beethoven is. And more!


28:17-32:40: JC and Cereal prepare for a guest. 


33:25-59:37: Guest: Jake The Snake Roberts Joins the Show. And more!


59:38-2:02:13:  More movie talk about Arrival to wrap up the show.