Ralph’s Reviews: March Basketball Tournament Bold Strategies To Fill Out Your Bracket and Impress Your Co-Workers

The time has come once again to get those basketball brackets filled out. Many sports fans consider March the best month for sports. Specifically, cited college basketball as the reason. Who could blame them, just about every weekend is filled with wall-to-wall basketball. Often, even those that don’t generally care about sports throughout the year will get in on office pools to fill out a basketball bracket, for bragging rights, just to earn some cold hard cash, or other reward prizes. That’s why I thought it would be fun to uncover some of the boldest and wackiest strategies to get you the winning bracket.

If you are one of many that don’t follow basketball regularly and don’t know about the teams, there are a couple of things you can do that have had some relative success in past years. The first thing you could do, is do your homework, study and read through some of the teams and learn season stats and learn interesting insights about the schools. Let’s face it, no one likes doing homework, that being said this may or may not be the best fit for you. Another unconventional option would be to go by the team colors and mascots. That’s right you can pick a game based on the color of a team’s uniform and you can also choose based on the mascot. Believe It or not this has worked for some often in previous years.

I did in fact just mention that you can pick a game based solely on the mascot. People have even put the mascots of teams against each other and picked the cooler or tougher looking mascot. Keep in mind however, picking teams based on bold and wacky strategies should only be a strategy you use if you have absolutely no knowledge about a team. You could also phone a friend that closely follows basketball.

These tips are for filling out most the games on your bracket. The goal is to win the office pool. It is a good idea to put the #1 and #2 seeded teams as far as you can in throughout the tournament. Putting the #1 and #2 seeds in the sweet sixteen round and the elite eight rounds give you a greater chance of winning a bracket challenge. Be careful though not to put every #1 and #2 seeded team in the final four round, that happens rarely. The goal is to have as many of your teams left standing when it gets down to the final four teams remaining. The bracket that has the most correct teams in the final four is typically the winner of most office pool’s. Some bracket challenges will sometimes add bonus points for number of correct teams picked for the whole bracket. These bonus points are often considered when breaking tie breakers to determine a winner if there happens to be a tie or no one has any teams in the final four portion of the bracket.

These tips are designed to assist you as you get set to fill out those brackets for the college basketball NCAA tournament.

Have fun filling out your bracket!