Ralph’s Reviews: Super Bowl Advertisers Getting More Bang For Their Buck

The Super bowl has become one of the biggest spectacles in The United States and around the world. Advertisers know this, that is why they spend months and even years coming up with the most impactful ads they can to market their product to the best of their ability. Many question the madness, but I am going to try and make sense of it all.

This past Super Bowl 51 cost advertisers for a 30 second commercial roughly $5 Million dollars, estimates could be even higher than that. If a company can make a lasting impression with the public, than the cost is well worth it. You have people that only watch the super bowl just for the commercials. There are those that couldn’t care less about the game, the sport in general and we call these people the casual fan. For the die-hard football fans they will watch regardless. It’s those casual fans that advertisers go for. The NFL and it’s advertisers like to have as many people as they can viewing the super bowl.

It used to be you would see a 30 second super bowl commercial just one time only. Nowadays, with the internet a super bowl ad can live practically forever online. Advertisers have caught on and more super bowl commercials are released online before they actually hit the small screen on super bowl Sunday. Some choose to release a small clip of their super bowl ads, and others even choose to release the full length commercial. While this may take away spontaneous reactions viewers get on super bowl Sunday, there is greater benefit to the advertisers that’s why they are capitalizing online as well as on the small screen. For me personally, I choose to avoid viewing super bowl commercials early online, as I still enjoy getting that initial feeling of reacting to a funny, great, or even bad commercial during the big game.

As much as the advertisers pay for air time during the big game, if they want to capitalize through the internet as get as much advertising time as they can who is to blame them. While I may think it is better to wait for the super bowl ads to come on during the game, for those that like to view them before the game more power to them. In the end it is a win-win in most cases for the marketers and advertisers.