Show Notes: Well, That's Today

In this episode of The Explodeded Show, JC & Cereal begin by discussing their theory that all music is good music before devolving into a heavily bodily function influenced show about having accidents in public places and giving yourself a Cosby sweater all in this brand new episode of the Explodeded Show!


0:00-11:34: Wired Cereal and JC King Open the show with business on the show discussion. 


11:36-29:55: JC and Cereal's discuss their theory that all music is good music. Plus, the guys elaborate about accidents in public. 


29:56-32:15: Show Break.


32:16-56:44: The guys return and dive into a heavily influenced bodily function discussion. Plus, the guys elaborate the conversation about accidents in public. 


56:45-59:11: Show wrap up and promotions. Then, sign off... Until next time.