Show Notes: Don't Make Cereal Angry!

In this episode of The Explodeded Show, JC & Cereal start off talking about JC's ideas for being Homeless and his recent string of weird bus thoughts before Cereal gets triggered and takes the show off the rails all in this brand new episode of the Explodeded Show!


0:00-9:14: Wired Cereal and JC King open the show. Plus, JC goes on a random rant. 


9:15-19:25: Cereal and JC talk about their album. 



19:26-48:56: JC's ideas for being Homeless. And more!


48:57- 59:01: JC's recent string of weird bus thoughts. Plus JC has a TV Pilot idea. 


59:02-1:30:14: Cereal gets angry and takes the show off the rails.


1:30:15-1:30:41: Sign off... Until next time!