Show Notes: The Coach Who Stole The Forrest Gump!

In this episode of The Explodeded Show, JC & Cereal invent the world's greatest reality show Warlord Island, discuss the greatest con ever pulled, and discover Cereal has a Doppleganger, all in the latest episode of The Explodeded Show!


0:00-21:38: WiredCereal and JC King open the show and discover Cereal has a Doppleganger. Then, JC and Cereal invent the greatest reality show.


21:39-24:26: Show Break.


24:27-1:02:24: JC and Cereal discuss the best films. Plus, The coach that pulled off the greatest con ever. Also, more about the best films.


1:02:25-1:03:29: Show wrap up