Show Notes: The Full Rogan Episode 2

In this episode of The Explodeded Show, we go the Full Rogan with special guests Dr. Grant and Sports Guy Travis! Along the way we talk about Mercury, Microwave radiation, haircut tips, Bum Fights, and name Rick Moranis a Saint of the Absurd, all in the latest episode of The Explodeded Show!


0:00:9:59: The Full Rogan Episode Begins.


10:03-34:00: Mercury. The crew discuses Mercury poisoning. And, cell phone companies give an upgrade, but there's always a catch. And, more!


34:05-48:30: Microwave Radiation. JC hates Bluetooth. The crew debates whether or not we are exposed to too much radiation waves.


48:35-55:10: The crew updates The Explodeded fantasy football league.


55:11-1Hr 12Min. Haircut Tips. The guys discuss the comforts of getting a haircut and give haircut tips. Plus, manly role models.


1Hr 13Min. Bum Fights. JC's diet to being immortal.


1Hr 20Min. Medical issues and organs of the body.


1Hr 41Min. Talking music with sports guy Travis.


2Hr 10Min. North Korean basketball rules.


2Hr 16Min. TV and Online subscriptions and what the guys watch most. Plus, what movies will survive the test of time.


2Hr 26Min. Rick Moranis. Cereal and JC make Rick Moranis a saint of the Absurd. Plus, the guys play the ImBd game.


3Hr 0Min-3Hr 3min: Promotions. And, sign off… Until next time!