Show Notes: Classic Game Fest Day 2

In this episode of The Explodeded Show we are live from Classic Gaming Fest in Austin, TX. Along for the ride are JC King, Wiredcereal, Dr. Grant, and Radio Ralph as we dive down the Nerdcore wormhole with 1-Up, MegaRan, and more!  Plus we talk to Ryan from Pixel Art Paintings, discuss digital fighting tournaments, listen to some Native American Flute, and end the show on a weird note all in this special live episode of The Explodeded Show!

0:00-50:55: The Explodeded Show out LIVE Broadcasting from Classic Game Fest day 2! We begin by talking to 1-UP, MegaRan, and more!

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Doug Funnie:

Juice Lee:

50:56-1:02:02: Talking to Ryan from Pixel Art Paintings.

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1:03:05-1:10:45: The crew listens to some Native American Flute.

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1:12:08-1:31:52: Googling what years various videogames came out from JC's gaming questions list. Then, wrapping up the show. And Sign off until next time!