Show Notes: The Crash Cast

Brace yourself for this episode of The Explodeded Show, after Cereal gives JC a "news intervention" we decide to this thing into a crash cast where JC goes to sleep on the air.  Along the way, Cereal reads him a bedtime story. Enjoy this exceptionally strange new episode of The Explodeded Show!

0:00-0:35: Classic Game Fest Promo



1:00-3:22: Show intros and beginning.


3:23-23:55: JC and Cereal discuss strange things. Plus, JC and Cereal react to their reactions of watching The Republican National Convention. Then, Cereal gives JC a News intervention.


23:56-55:35: The crew turns the show into a crash cast. JC goes to sleep on the air. And more!


55:36-56:32: Sign off… Until next time!