Show Notes: On The Better Side Of Decent

In this episode of The Explodeded Show we wrap up the Olympics by discussing which sports are actually sports and which are just games. Plus JC decides to worship a rock and Cereal re-reviews Batman vs. Superman, all in the latest episode of The Explodeded Show!


0:00-30:00: Wrapping Up The Olympics: JC and Cereal begin by discussing Ryan Lochte's crazy drunken night in Brazil. Then, the crew discuses which sports are real sports and which are just games.


30:04-48:30: JC and Cereal take the show to a philosophical place. Plus, JC decides to worship a rock.


48:35-1:04:05: The crew reads some Explodeded News. And, Cereal re-reviews Batman Vs Superman. Plus, more Explodeded News. Including, the website Gawker shutting down. And, Dick Van Dyke surprises Denny's restaurant with an impromptu performance. 


1:04:06-1:06:17: Wrapping up the show. Prmotions. And, Sign off... Until next time!