Ralph’s Reviews: I Totally Got Margarita Drunk

I am not known for being a heavy drinker. Simply because I am not. But, I like to indulge in a beer or other alcoholic beverage from time to time. I have become more familiar with certain beer and certain brands as I broaden and discover my alcohol taste and preferences. While recently out at dinner I had a margarita with my meal. It was a doozy for sure.

It started out as a regular ordinary dinner. I arrived with a few people, we sat down, looked over the menu, and placed our orders. Then, a person at the table suggested we all get margaritas, and we all agreed. I ordered my margarita without really knowing how it would go down with my meal. Believe it or not, there are some people out there that say they can not drink alcohol with their meals. Most can, some can’t. It doesn’t bother me to have a beer with my food. How did I do when I had a margarita with my food? Well, let’s continue and find out together.

As I began my meal it was actually very good with my margarita. As I finished the meal and really began focusing on the margarita, I began to realize that it was a fairly strong margarita. A person at my table asked if the margarita had a specific ingredient, the answer was yes. It turns out the margaritas had some ingredients to make it a stout margarita. The two main ingredients were tequila and triple sec. Also, I got mine with salt. I felt fine initially. That all changed the moment I stood up. I clumsily lost my balance at first, sorry to disappoint I did not fall down. Anyway, I instantly felt some nausea as got to the vehicle. At that point I was feeling a little flushed and trying to figure out if I was just really buzzed or possibly drunk. I don’t think I knew the answer, but I believe I was definitely on a fine line between buzzed and drunk. I flat out just felt terrible. As I was trying to not hurl, I attempted to lay down. That was very ineffective and it lead up to me vomiting. I would have to say that since I vomited that would have to classify me as being drunk. I must admit that I felt so much better after vomiting. I ended up just sleeping it off from that point on.

I have had a margarita before, but that was obviously a very weak margarita compared to the margarita in which I was sick after. I have become better acquainted with alcohol, but apparently I need to work on building up my tolerance for alcohol.

It was a memorable experience for sure. I fully intend to continue to indulge in various alcoholic beverages. This will probably not be the last review I do of me and my drinking experiences.