Ralph’s Reviews: Billy Ray Cyrus’s TV Series ‘Still The King’

I recently had the opportunity to binge watch Billy Ray Cyrus’s television series ‘Still The King’. From the ‘Pilot’ episode to the most recent episode I am up to speed. Admittedly, going into it I had no idea what to expect. Safe to say my expectations were not very high for the series. It was promoted as a comedy. I don’t think I was expecting a laugh track, but... there’s not one. Let’s continue.

Beginning with the ‘pilot’ episode. It was a bit rough around the edges for my taste. There wasn't a lot there that would keep me wanting to come back for more. It's basically telling the main character’s redemption story. For my taste the pilot episode fell flat. There's a bunch of swindling going on. Don't worry, I watched more than just the first episode. So, as I continue there will be a more accurate assessment of the series.

As the series continues the main character becomes more likable. Friendships and relationships are built, and the plot becomes clearer.

The main character Vernon Brownmule played by Billy Ray Cyrus does the wrong things, but they are being done with good intentions. Vernon discovers he has a teenage daughter. Prior to learning that he has a teenage daughter, he recently accidentally damaged a church. He then meets with his parole officer (who happens to be a fanboy) he is sentenced to community service. He fakes his way into being a preacher and turns his community service into an opportunity to earn cash in order to pay his child support for the daughter he just learned that he has.

The plot becomes tightened and easier to understand with each passing episode. It’s a down on his luck guy, who used to be a star on stage, that is trying to get his life sorted out and build a relationship with his teenage daughter.

The series marks the return to the acting scene for Billy Ray Cyrus since his role on Disney’s Hannah Montana where he played alongside his real life daughter Miley Cyrus.

If you are not that big of Billy Ray Cyrus fan this series may or may not appeal to you. He plays the role well, but you may have to be a true fan of Billy Ray Cyrus in order to get into the series. Cyrus is best known for his 90’s hit song ‘Achy Breaky Heart’.

It’s too early to tell if this will be a hit series for CMT, but admittedly it’s become somewhat of a guilty pleasure for me.

I give ‘Still The King’ a rating of 3 out of 5 stars.