Show Notes: The Hangover Cast

In this episode of The Explodeded Show, JC & Cereal wake up hungover and record a podcast. Along the way, JC makes himself throw up, Cereal discovers a speech jammer, and we discuss ancient grooming habits. Plus as a bonus JC has a moment of clarity all in the latest Explodeded Show!

0:00-27:50: The Hangover Episode Begins. Cereal discovers a speech jammer. JC is totally hungover. Plus, Cereal reads different ways to make yourself vomit.

27:51-1:07:30: JC and Cereal's ancient grooming habits discussion. JC's sports idea. JC takes a drinking quiz. JC's vomit stories. Plus, JC's moment of clarity.

1:07:31-1:08:58: Wrapping up the show. Sign off... Until next time!