Ralph’s Reviews: The Arrival of Summer

School’ s out for the summer, for most. Which means vacations and summer activities are fast approaching for parents and families. This is the time of year when most parents scramble to find a place for their kids to be while they are away at work during the day. Finding a place for them to be is step one, step two is making sure they will be cared for, are active, and have meals primarily lunch during the day. That is where summer camps and other various activities come into play an important role for parents.

  • Summer activities are important for kids.

Parents often hear throughout the summertime months especially, their children complaining that they are bored. Not only will they be staying active, it will keep their minds sharp that will hopefully retain some information from the previous school year. Summer activities also help keep or improve their development of their social skills.

Here’s a link to some sumer activities for the family (Link:http://www.merakilane.com/100-aweso...)

  • More Travelers Means Higher Prices

Many will begin traveling on the highways or through the air, and that’s where my theory kicks in about higher prices. Gas prices spike up and down throughout the year. They appear to level off after spring, and people get excited, but I know when summer looms gas prices especially are bound to go up. As more people are on the roadways it is natural to expect an increase in oil use, which means higher gas prices. With any trip you plan to take make sure that it is well planned out. Make sure you have enough funds to last you through the trip gas, where you stay at, take meals into consideration etc, etc.

I guess what I am getting at is enjoy the summertime, plan accordingly, and be safe.