Ralph’s Reviews: The Revival of Some Classic TV Game Shows

In today's television climate game shows are essentially obsolete. However, some have managed to keep going and remain relevant. The most notable game show that has had a resurgence is Family Feud with host Steve Harvey. Before Harvey, The Family Feud franchise had many low points, but has seen an uptick in popularity once again. Game Show Network (GSN) has recently produced some original game shows which is nice, but in terms of network prime-time television game shows have vanished for quite sometime and that’s because of... you guessed it ‘reality television’ ‘Jeopardy’, ‘Wheel of Fortune’, ‘The Price is Right’, and ’Who Wants to Be a Millionaire’ have maintained success and sustainability in daytime syndicated television. Now, There appears to be some hope for game shows currently with the attempt to revive some classic game shows from the past and putting them back on network television in prime-time. By reviving some classic game shows with some well-known celebrities it might just be enough to attract a new generation to game shows that were very popular when they were first being aired.

Here are the three modernized classic game shows to rollout this summer.

  • The $100,000 Pyramid with Host Michael Strahan

  • Match Game with Host Alec Baldwin

  • To Tell The Truth with Host Anthony Anderson

Reality television juggernaut ‘America’s Got Talent has been the leading summertime show the past few years, and ABC is positioning itself to make some noise of their own this summer by getting family shows, classic game shows with a modernized flavor back on network television.

Granted, these game shows that will be airing are remakes so, take them with a grain of salt that they will not be as good as the original shows, but they will hopefully provide some new memories to go along with past memories that many have from these classic game shows.

I am eager for some of these classic game shows with a modernized flavor to hit network television once again to see if they can in fact test the test of time.