Show Notes: Whoo Hoo It’s 80 Fitz!

In this episode of the Explodeded Show JC & Cereal check out Dave Coulier's website, discuss JC"s hatred of Yeti Coolers, and talk to YouTube and Beatboxing Superstar 80 Fitz about Acid Reflux, Pitch Perfect 2, and whether or not he hit on Anna Kendrick all in the latest Explodeded Show! 

This Week's Guest: 80 Fitz

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Featured Music By: The Yavin 4

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0:00-0:32: Classic Game Fest Promo


1:01-23:55: WiredCereal and JC King begin the show. JC and Cereal discuss the rule of history. JC when he's been drinking scotch. Cereal's broken rule. Plus, Cereal and JC visit Dave Coulier's website. 23:56-40:31: 80 Fitz Joins The Explodeded Show.

40:33-50:21: JC's hatred of Yeti Coolers. And more!

50:22-1:09:38: Rebelling generations against previous generations. JC fights the power while Cereal goes with the flow. Cereal discovers GG Allin. Plus, Cereal finds and reads GG Allin song lyrics. Then, JC's punk rock experience.


1:09:39-1:11:53: Wrapping up the show. Promotions. Sign off… Until Next Time.