Show Notes: The Full Rogan Chapter One

In this special bonus episode of The Explodeded Show, we go the Full Rogan, with a special mega-sode where we talk about Little Shop of Horrors, Martin Lawrence, Jamie Foxx Movies, Self-Driving Cars, The New Michael Moore Documentary, Fall TV Shows, Murder Shows, Fighting Bullies, Temper Tantrums, and Universal Healthcare. Plus a special extended conversation about a "Monopoly Money" based economy in this special bonus episode of The Explodeded Show!

0:27-23:31: Show Begins. Little shop of horrors Muppet connection. JC and Cereal discuss what Martin Lawrence is known for on IMDb. In living color Characters. that were or were not on the show. Falsetto Guys through the decades. Plus, Cereal and JC discuss Jamie Foxx's movie career.

 23:32-1:01:43: Self Driving Cars. Michael Moore's new documentary. The Theory on losing jobs to robots in robot culture. Anyone can get admitted to Slovenia University. Government funded vacation in Italy. 

 1:01:44-1:19:40: The worth of minimum wage. Trump renegotiates the debt. JC and Cereal create a Monopoly money based economy.

 1:19:50-1:21:41: Break.

 1:21:42-1:46:04: Continuing JC and Cereal's Monopoly money based economy conversation

1:46:05-1:54:21: Shia LaBeouf's latest project. Plus, Where have romantic comedies gone and Not so pretty chick turns into beauty movies.

 1:54:22-1:57:19: Johnny Manziel's friends speak out.

 1:57:21-2:02:20: NEW Fall TV Shows.

 2:02:25-2:03:25: Break 2. 

 2:03:30-2:11:30: NEW Fall TV Shows continued.

 2:11:33-2:16:08: Problems with swimming pools and hot tubs. 

 2:16:09-:2:30:32: JC and Cereal disagree about things that help you lose weight.

 2:31:31-2:36:15: Murder Shows.

 2:36:16-2:48:53: Fighting Bullies. Forgetful JC and the time Cereal got busted.

 2:49:17-2:57:51: Those that have done their time should have the right to vote.  Advantage of having a lawyer and the need for doctors and lawyers. 

 2:57:52-3:01:07: Promotions and sign off... Until next time!