Show Notes Highlander: The Cokening

In this episode of The Explodeded Show, JC & Cereal discuss how confusing the Highlander movie is, their new love of Bluegrass cover bands, and debate Chewbacca Mom all in the latest Explodeded Show!

Featured Music By: Megathruster



0:00-0:35: Classic Game Fest Promo.


 1:03-21:10: WiredCereal and JC King begin the show. JC and Cereal discuss the confusing Highlander Movie.

21:11-34:03: Cereal reads the lyrics to Andrew W.K's “Party Hard.” The crew discovers Bluegrass Cover Bands. 

34:04-1:16:18: JC takes on 'Chewbacca mom'. JC and Cereal discuss weird things about conspiracy theories. How the dark ages happened. Plus,civilization vs nature.

1:16:19-1:18:26: Promotions and sign off... Until next time!