Show Notes: Pegs On a Plane!

In this episode of The Explodeded Show, JC & Cereal discuss a theory on Kittens, the history of pegging and declare war on the robots all in the latest Explodeded Show!

0:00-10:25- WiredCereal and JC King begin the show. Cereal and JC discuss New Jersey and the government banning flavored vaping. Smoke turning stuff yellow. And More!

10:26-12:09- Good stuff happening with the show.

12:10-22:23- JC's theory On the evolution of Cats.

22:24-36:07- Turning 80's movies into TV show remakes. JC and Cereal discuss Fox's Rocky Horror Picture Show Live Musical this fall. Plus, the history of pegging.

36:08-47:54- JC declares war on robots. Denis Quaid has a brother running through Canada naked. And, JC has another theory.

48:00-1:03:35- JC and Cereal dive into Captain America Civil War. The Marvel Universe. And More! 

1:03:36-1:05:31- Promotions and Sign Off… Until Next Time!