Ralph’s Reviews: Stephen Curry Has Surpassed LeBron James As NBA’s Most Popular Star

Stephen Curry just captured his second consecutive NBA MVP Award. On a nightly basis in the NBA, Stephen Curry’s highlight reel of that night’s game goes viral on television, social media platforms, and continually blows up the Internet. He essentially makes LeBron James an after thought. James gets over-shadowed and made nearly irrelevant, especially during the regular season. For a decade James had been the face of the NBA, but there’s a new baller in town and his name is Stephen Curry.

Stephen Curry has truly been a game changer. Kids from all over and of all ages want to play like Curry. They want to tweak their game to be like his. There are several reasons why Stephen Curry is beloved by just about everyone. From his charm off the court, to him being a family man, just an all around good guy, and oh yeah he’s got crazy game on the basketball court as well. Curry is a small guy in terms of on the basketball court, but his quickness, ability to get around defenders, ball handling skills, long range shooting, which includes consistently drilling half court shots and buzzer beaters, are just the norm for Curry. Curry is not the most physical or athletic player, but he makes up for by his intelligence on the court and the skills that he has. Kids and teenagers that are physically built like Curry now feel they have what it takes to play the game, if they put the time in the gym and learn the fundamentals of the game just like Stephen Curry. Curry is someone that kids look up to. He inspires them and is a joy to watch on the basketball court. Stephen Curry Is at his peak and fans of basketball can't get enough of him.

In a recent playoff game against The Portland Trail Blazers Curry came off the bench, because he's been dealing with an ankle and knee injury and scored 40 points. Which included 17 of those points coming in overtime. The 17 points were the most points ever scored by a player in overtime of a playoff game. Curry’s second consecutive NBA MVP Award was a unanimous decision. Curry is in a class all by himself, as no other player in NBA history has ever won MVP with a unanimous decision. Very impressive. Curry is also part of a team in The Golden State Warriors that set an NBA record by going 73-9 on their regular season overall record. Breaking the 95-96 Chicago Bulls record of 72-10. I believe Curry led his team to their 73 wins. Without him eh, they probably win about 55 games. Curry gives his team an edge more than any other player currently playing the game.

LeBron James was the NBA’s most popular and most polarizing figures for the NBA for a decade, but now as much as he hates it, the younger, flashier Curry has surpassed him. James won't admit, but it is clear to me and basketball fans alike that Curry has indeed surpassed James as the NBA’s most popular star.

Bottom-Line: I do believe that Stephen Curry is now the star of the NBA and has uncrowned and surpassed LeBron James.

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