Ralph’s Reviews: Tornado Outdoor Sirens PSA

We are currently in the midst of the peak of severe weather season. Severe weather season ranges from late March to Mid October for the central plain states, with the peak of the season from Mid April to early June. That being said I thought it was important to address an issue that confuses a lot of people. How reliable are outdoor tornado warning sirens? Well, as I continue I will explain that specific question.

Many trained storm chasers and meteorologist all around the country emphases to anyone in the sound of their voice that tornado outdoor sirens should not be your only way of being warned for an approaching tornado. In fact, if you are inside a building they are almost not even heard. While the tone may be able to get through and heard inside a building, it is a very faint tone that would likely not be able to wake up a sleeping up person or even be able to be heard in loud room. Outdoor tornado sirens are just that, outside. They are meant for outside, they are meant to alert anyone outside of an approaching tornadic storm. Storm chasers and meteorologists suggest that you purchase a weather radio to alert you of approaching inclement weather. Other suggestions include, downloading weather apps on you electronic devices, staying connecting to social media for updates, and the most accessible and obvious way to get alerts is through your local media by radio, television, even the newspaper can all be ways for your local media to give you advanced warning and immediate warning to take immediate action to protect you and your family in the event of a tornado.

Bottom line: When inside a building, outdoor tornado sirens should be a last option to receive warnings. They are beneficial only to those that are outside at the time of an issued tornado warning.

In the event of a tornado here are some helpful tips: (Link:https://www.ready.gov/tornadoes)