Show Notes: What's Good Music?

In this episode of the Explodeded Show, JC & Cereal are joined by Sports Guy Travis and Podcast Superfan Tyson to talk about the real Rick Ross, movies to fall asleep to, and Cereal's brand-new bit "What's Good Music?" All in the latest episode of The Explodeded Show!

0:00-1:53. Plugs/Ads.

2:22-5:37. Show opening, intros, and the World’s Shortest Saint Patty’s Day Parade

5:37-7:38. Rob Zombie

8:40-21:50. We learn the story of the Real Rick Ross

21:51-24:47. Blackfish, SeaWorld’s Killer Whale, and why is Wiredcereal defending Blackfish?

24:48-26:58. Don’t mess with things in the water and Steve Irwin Nominated to be a Saint of the absurd

26:59-29:00. Googling Online Movies

30:05-31:50. JC King defends Batman vs Superman against its awful reviews and Sad Ben Afleck

31:52-36:08. Cereal’s Vaping, Swag, and board game fights

36:24-39:37. The Press Your Luck Game Show Documentary

40:05-46:20. Cloud Chasing and Wiredcereal’s Vaping

46:36-50:03. Movies to fall asleep to

50:46-1:03:17. Michael Jackson and Eddie Murphy, who’s good at music, Kermit the Frog, Steve Martin and Fozzie the Bear. Plus, Leonardo Dicaprio gets raped by a bear

1:06:11-1:18:15. Ghosts, Ouija Boards, and More.

1:18:12-1:27:10. Unbranded Documentary and wildlife for dinner

1:27:11-1:29-37. History with Cereal.

1:29:38-1:36:35. Revisiting “What’s good music?” The worst attempted bit on the show ever.

1:36:36- 1:40:12. The lost episode that never got aired

1:40:14-1:47:41. A take on Donald Trump from Tyson our #1 Listener and Spoilees for our March Sadness episode.

1:47:40-1:51:15. What the hell is a Cthulhu?

1:51:25-1:57:40. Show Promotions & more “What’s Good Music?”

1:57:42- 2:02:00. YouTube Sensation, King A$$ripper

2:02:01-2:03:35. Show Announcements and sign off