Show Notes: Outbreak 2-Aids Monkey Island

In this episode of The Explodeded Show, JC & Cereal talk about the Zika Virus, debate GMO's in the food industry, and create the greatest sequel in movie history, all in the latest Explodeded Show! 

0:00-0:34- Classic Game Fest Ad (Link:

 1:01-11:31- WiredCereal and JC King begin the show by jump right into talking about the Zika Virus and why it is something to worry about

 11:32-20:24- JC and Cereal create the greatest movie sequel of all time, Outbreak 2: Aids Monkey Island

 25:19-38:29- Correction on why Vegans are against eggs, farm fresh eggs vs store bought eggs yolk and GMO's in food

38:30-42:47- JC is not taking politics serious enough

 42:54-47:04- 80's Televangelists still have shows on obscure cable channels and starting a cult

 47:05-49:21- Stints and medical experiments

 49:22-53:41- JC is now a vaper and we debate popcorn lung

 53:43-59:04- Weed Bust in Colorado

 59:28-1:03:27- Wrapping up the show, promotions, and sign off... Until Next Time!