Ralph’s Reviews: Wendy’s updates their 4 for $4 Meal Deal

As the battle for fast food meal deal supremacy continues, every fast food giant continues to attempt to beat out their competition by offering affordable meal deals. They are lobbying consumers to be their customer by offering deals that most can’t resist. These meal deals may not be the healthiest options, but when you are working a 9-5 or a 12 hour shift and need to grab and go they are a quick, convenient, filling, satisfying, and intriguing option. Especially for those that have children and mouths to feed at home.

Depending on your position, you could say Wendy’s is to blame or to praise for the meal deal trend. To my knowledge, they were the first official meal deal with their 4 for $4. After that it was Burger King’s 5 for $4, then Carl’s Jr and Hardee’s $4 real deal, Pizza Hut’s $5 dollar flavor menu, and the list goes on from there. Wendy’s has been in direct competition with Burger King’s 5 for $4. BK’s meal deal is essentially the same items, with the addition of a cookie all for the same price as Wendy’s. But, pump the breaks. Wendy’s may have just come up with a game changer. Wendy’s has now updated their 4 for $4 by giving you the option of the original and popular option of a Junior Bacon Cheeseburger, fries, 4 piece Nuggets, and a drink. The updated NEW option gives you the option of replacing the Junior Bacon Cheeseburger with a Crispy Chicken BLT, which of course still includes fries, 4 piece Nuggets, and a drink. This is apparently Wendy’s way of trying to get the edge over BK’s 5 for $4.

I have to say for the most part, as I have tried many of these meal deal options that I have been satisfied by the portions and the quality of the food that was made.

There are many options out there. It is a matter of preference and experiences that will ultimately decide which meal deal option is best for you.