Show Notes: The Maga Sode

In this episode of the Explodeded Show, JC & Cereal talk about 80's Wrestling vs. 90's Wrestling, attempt to call Sweden, and finally limp to the finish line with Cereal's reviews on Deadpool, The Hateful Eight, and The Big Short. All in the latest episode of The Explodeded Show!

0:00-0:34- Classic Game Fest Ad

1:01-5:23- WiredCereal and JC King begin the show and JC dives down the rabbit hole of the Donald Trump sub reddit

5:25-15:03- Bad DJs on the radio

15:04-34:12- First guest is a no show, 80's wrestling vs 90's wrestling, and wrestlers not knowing when to quit

34:12-38:44- JC and Cereal discuss how they want to die, JC's theory on how the Donald Trump thing ends, and write-in candidates

38:45-48:04- Contested conventions and JC and Cereal attempt to call Sweden

48:06-1:05:24- Cereal's random movie reviews of Deadpool, The Hateful Eight, and The Big Short

1:05:25-1:08:47- Wrapping up the show and sign off... Until next time!