Ralph’s Reviews: Batman vs Superman Which is Cooler

Superman and Batman have been iconic characters since the 1930’s, and still remain the most well known characters and biggest stories in comic book history in the DC Comics series. Fans of all ages have their favorite character that they prefer over the other. That’s why I thought it would be great to pick who has the coolness factor.

I am going to start with Batman. He has a side kick, his name is Robin. Now, Robin is not the most polished individual, so he kind of drags Batman’s coolness factor down just a tad. Batman is clearly the better fighter out of Batman and Robin. Batman also of course has the Batmobile and his own signal the bat-signal that signals danger.

Now, I will move on to Superman. He has a flashy cape and can fly. He can shoot beams. However, he has no side kick, and can be defeated by Kryptonite.

If I am going to choose who is cooler Batman or Superman, I will have to take all of the above into consideration. For me Batman is cooler because he has his bat-signal, Batmobile, and a side kick and he would likely win in a fight between Batman and Superman. One of the main reasons I did not go with Superman was because Kryptonite is his weakness. I don’t believe Batman has a true weakness.

It was close between Batman and Superman, but Batman takes the battle of coolness over Superman.