Ralph’s Reviews: What I Did Not Know About Tomatoes

We are constantly told to eat our vegetables for our greater health. From our mothers, from when we were young, to health care professionals as adults. To my surprise, what I thought was a vegetable all along, actually is not a vegetable.

I was having a conversation the other day when it was pointed out to me that a Tomato was not a vegetable. It is actually a fruit. Me and the person I was talking to debated this issue for a few minutes, and of course, with information at our finger tips in this day in age I had to search the web, turns out I was way wrong about the tomato. Gee, thanks a lot internet.

I was thinking about tomatoes because I was saying if I had to eat vegetables I would probably prefer a tomato. Not a fan of a lot of vegetables, but trying to incorporate them into my diet. I will still likely choose to add tomatoes, but it will be a fruit, not a vegetable that I will be munching on.