Ralph’s Reviews: Donald Trump’s Hair vs Hilary Clinton’s Pantsuit

While this has been an entertaining and very interesting run for president, and candidates have come and gone along the way, Donald Trump and Hilary Clinton continue to make their strong pitches to their respective parties. So, on that note I thought it would be fun to put their most humorous trait up against one another and pick which one of their’s is the most humorous.

The Pantsuit (Hillary Clinton)

It is safe to say that the media has been obsessed with Hilary Clinton’s wardrobe throughout her political career. For quite sometime, let’s say about a decade or more Hilary Clinton has been the center of many jokes pertaining to her pantsuits. In the early to late 2000’s late night hosts couldn't get enough of her pantsuits and were a constant in many of their monologues. Through all this time her wardrobe may have been observed so much just because she’s a woman and that is because the media just isn’t all that comfortable covering character, policies, fashion and whether or not a candidate is qualified or not in politics. I have nothing factual to back that up, but just an observation of mine. For whatever reason Hilary’s pantsuits are epic, well-known, and just flat out stand out.

The Hair (Donald Trump)

Donald Trump’s hair is just as well-known, or possibly even more famous than the pantsuit of one Hilary Clinton. There has been many who have speculated that it’s not his real hair. Many find it to be a wig. However, you have those that believe his hair is real. We may never know for sure. Trump has continued to state and argue that his hair is very much the real deal. If he had his way i’m sure he would demand the American people to admit that it is real, but I don’t think that the American people would ever admit that anytime soon or ever. Just recently, in an effort to convince people that his hair is real Trump had a lady come on stage and pull and tug on his hair. To the surprise of many, his hair was firm and did not hardly move at all. In fact, it actually stayed in place. Like the pantsuit, his hair has been the center of many jokes in the media. The realness and color of his hair have always been the topic of many discussions. Comb-over was and still is what those who don’t think his hair is real pointed to as there argument and jokes.

Now, it’s time to decide which of their traits is the most humorous. They both have something that is humorous about them in physical appearance or with wardrobe selection. There is the longevity aspect, the popularity, or unpopularity for the both of them, and they both are famous from their past and present in their own ways Actually it’s pretty much even, but I've gotten too far to not pick which is more humorous in their traits. I think I have to give an edge to Trump’s hair because he had a public display of where his hair was pulled and tugged on and it appeared to be real. Honestly, it could have gone either way, but there was a specific scenario that put the Hair over the Pantsuit as most humorous thing.

In full disclosure. Me picking which one is most humorous is in no way me predicting the next president. It was just a fun little pairing that has no barring on the outcome of the actual presidential race. Many believe that both of these candidates are qualified enough to be president. However, that is for others to debate, not me. Who knows it may be someone other than Clinton or Trump that becomes the next president.