Show Notes: The Explodeded Show Episode 1

In the premiere episode of the Explodeded Show, JC & Cereal discuss 1970's Dad vs. 1950's Dad, the history of Lysol, and debate the boiling point of lettuce. All in the latest episode of The Explodeded Show!


0:00-3:35: JC King & Wiredcereal introduce the new show while Cereal tries to finish his burrito.

3:35-8:45: JC tells a childhood story about a weird neighbor who would throw porno magazines under a bridge.

8:45-11:30: Weird fetishes

11:30-15:30: Chris Christie hates umbrellas and JC agrees.  

15:30-32:50: The crew discusses the differences between 1970’s Dad and 1950’s Dad.

32:50-40:13: The history of Lysol.

40:13-45:35: JC & Cereal begin discussing the Big Mac vs. Molten Copper viral video and are joined by Dr. Grant to help explain the science behind this. 

45:35-56:55: The Great Molten Lettuce Debate 

56:55-1:10:09: The crew wraps up the show with some movie talk about Batman vs. Superman, Indiana Jones 5, and the new Ghostbusters movie.