Ralph’s Reviews: Businesses Should Honor the Customer is Always Right Motto

This is Part of the Something that Actually Happened Series. (Take #1)

It has always been an unwritten rule for businesses that pretty much says the customer is always right. In my opinion, it is the obligation of the business to keep the paying customers satisfied. Well let’s just say that was certainly not what I experienced while dining during a recent outing.

It happened during brunch at a dining establishment that will remain nameless. Before I get into this, it might help to give you a little background about a preference of mine. I'm not a big vegetable person. I don't mind if they are served on my plate, as long as they are not on or in my food. Now, that I've set the stage. I ordered a plate of Nachos by saying that I wanted no vegetables like I've done previously before, but this time when it came to the table it had onions and jalapenos. This would not had been a big deal, I would have just sent it back which I did, but it came back fairly quickly within a couple of minutes and just some of the jalapenos were picked off and there was still onion. Clearly the cook tried to pull a fast one, but it was quickly realized. By this point I was frustrated and just said I'd order something else from the menu. The staff was genuinely good otherwise and friendly. I will continue to go there, just perhaps be sure to not order the plate of nachos. It was really disappointing that the cook was not willingly wanting to make the customer happy. I have never witnessed that at any dining establishment before.