Ralph’s Reviews: Facebook Enhances the Like Button With Reactions Buttons

Facebook has launched it’s newly designed like button. Facebook’s new features allow users to show their emotions in a more customized way with feature known as reactions. The new features include emotions such as, like, love, Haha, wow, sad, and angry.

The way to access the enhanced features is to hover over the like button and select from the reactions by clicking with your mouse on a PC. On a tablet, I pad, hold the like button and the features will pop up, tap on the reaction you want and you’re done. For a smartphone, a lot of users are saying they are not yet seeing the reactions. It is recommended that you close the app completely, and reopen it to allow the app to update in order for you to get the reactions buttons with an update to the app.

As you can imagine the Facebook world went bonkers. Many were saying how cool it was, and how they were loving the additional reactions to express emotion. while others were not as impressed as they were saying it was too much and all they really wanted was a dislike button.

From what I understand this was a year or so in the making for Facebook. My opinion is that I think it was necessary for Facebook to add additional features like the reactions. It was for too long perceived that ‘like’ was not always an appropriate response or reaction to all Facebook post and this is a way for users to have more accuracy in expressing how they really feel about a post or situation. An update to the like button has been in popular demand for awhile and maybe Facebook has finally found a middle ground for a solution.

As for the dislike button, sorry it did not make it as part of the upgraded like button. Truthfully, a dislike button will probably never be a reaction Facebook is willing to give its users, as it is seen as something that would create too much negativity on posts. I think the ‘angry’ reaction is going to be the closest thing to a dislike button that users will get.

Facebook users can now react to the world on Facebook with the enhanced like button and reactions.