Ralph’s Reviews: Campaign Ads Enough Already

While I will admit, this has been one of the more entertaining run for president by presidential hopefuls, as well as other state, local, and national elections and position in office. Every two to four years we are bombarded with campaign ads and candidates with their “I approve this message” ads. While effective, and interesting for many it still annoys some.

I don’t dip my toe into politics very often, but I will mildly mention this. Campaign ads usually feature attacks on their opponents, and have some if not all truth in them, but they do nothing for me except annoy me. Politicians spend tons of money for ad space and networks and stations are happy to oblige with a minute or 30-second spot.

I get to the point, where I throw my hands up and say “Enough Already! I understand it is important for the running process, but when does it become excessive?. Well, I guess it never is.

I regress, I will jump off my soap box now.