Ralph’s Reviews: Cam Newton’s Postgame Walk Out

Cam Newton’s post game walk out, continues to be a much talked about topic after Super Bowl 50. As the Denver Broncos claimed their Super Bowl championship victory, all was celebratory on the field. During that time, the Carolina Panthers who were denied their championship and Cam Newton were headed to the back to meet with the media. Cam Newton made headlines because of his demeanor, as he showed that he was indeed defeated. The way he dealt with the media was a surprise to many, as the night before the Super Bowl he was voted MVP (Most Valuable Player). Fair or not an MVP, especially a franchise quarterback is held to a higher standard and has to be more accountable for his actions.

With Cam Newton being voted the leagues MVP, there was a certain standard and expectation instantly placed on Cam Newton. Even though, Cam Newton and his team were unexpectedly defeated, in the eyes of his peers and fans Cam Newton, the seasons MVP of the NFL is expected to be the ultimate professional, hold his head up high, and answer to the media. In Cam’s defense, and to show fairness to him and his fans, some of the questions were ridiculous, foolish, and antagonizing, and Cam could also hear reporters and Denver Broncos talking about the Broncos victory which had to have angered Cam that much more. However, there is no excuse or reason to just get up and walk out the way he did. He was barely even talking as he gave many one line answers. It showed immaturity and was not Cam Newton’s finest moment. On a side note, it was classy the way that Newton showed respect as he met with Peyton Manning on the field to share, what can be presumed to be congratulatory words.

Cam Newton fan or not, it is clear that Cam is going to likely be the new face of the NFL for a generation. Hopefully Cam can learn from this and that will make him that much better On and off the field.