Show Notes: The CRISPR Challenge!

In this episode of The Explodeded Show, JC & Cereal discuss wrecking a Christmas party, the scientific discovery of CRISPR, and Shia LaBeouf's rap battles, all in the latest episode of The Explodeded Show!


0:00-13:51: WiredCereal and JC King open the show by talking about wrecking a Christmas party. 

14:10-33:44: JC and Cereal discuss the scientific discovery of CRISPR. And more!

33:45-46:10: The crew discusses a nature documentary that JC watched. Plus, JC's theory on nature.

46:11-57:11: JC and Cereal look into Shia LaBeouf's rap battle.

57:12-58:59: Show wrap up.