Explodeded.com Presents: Kelli Brogan on With Radio Ralph

In this Explodeded production. Radio Ralph had the pleasure of speaking with Singer/Songwriter Kelli Brogan for a Q&A with her. Enjoy!

Check out some of the songs from Kelli’s new album Kelli Brogan album in their entirety on Soundcloud. Including this one below...

Alright... It is Radio Ralph with Explodeded.com. I am delighted to be joined by Australian singer, songwriter, dancer and all around great person Kelli Brogan. Welcome Kelli.

Let’s Begin...

Q. I understand you have opened for Olivia Newton John. I assume you got to meet her, what was she like?

A. Yeah I did get to meet her. She was extremely friendly and very supportive. She was very down to earth. I think there is an old photo of the two of us together on my website.

(Ralph) That's amazing.

Q. Throughout your journey as a singer and performer, have you mainly performed in Australia or have you gotten to travel different countries and places?

A. As a singer I have only performed in Australia, unless you count Karaoke in a Pub in Blackpool in the UK. I have danced in other countries, but never had the opportunity to sing/perform anywhere else at this stage.

(Ralph) I've gotten to listen to some songs from the new album and they sounded great.

(Kelli) Thanks Ralph. I am very proud of the songs and how they have turned out.

Q. Absolutely. I enjoyed them and there seemed to be a good variety in the style of songs. Was that something you focused on when working on the album?

A. When I started working on the album I spoke to the producer and fellow songwriters and said that I wish I had already released an album because the greatest hits albums are the ones I love the best. So we decided we would try for a wide variety of songs, with different influences to try to create an album that sounded a bit like a greatest hits album. One that caters for a range or age groups, genres and influences. I think we have done a pretty good job.

(Ralph) I would have to agree. I think all ages can get on board and support the range in styles of music on this album.

Q. What are you most proud of from the album?

A. I think I am most proud of the fact that I was able to contribute to the writing of a couple of the songs and I am proud of the fact that the songs chosen for the album all have a story that I can connect with and that I believe others could easily connect with also. This is important to me as I think music is universal and it connects with everyone of us. If my music can connect people through stories, memories or experiences then I have achieved my goal as an artist.

Q. What is something from the album that you hope fans will notice when they hear it?

A. I would really love fans to get a feel for my personality. I am a diverse individual, I have so many things that I love and love to do. I also have a diverse range of music that I love to listen to and sing. So I really hope that fans realize that I am not the type of artist that can only sing one style of music or one type of song (fast or slow). I can and love to sing all different styles of music and different tempos. I also really hope that they realize how much I love singing and performing.

(Ralph) OK, now Kelli, I want to give you the opportunity to promote yourself. Your Website, social media, where the album is available and anything else you want your fans to know about.

(Kelli) Thanks Ralph. Fans can follow me and listen to my music in a number of places. my website is http://www.kellibrogan.com They can also follow me on twitter @brogan_kelli or Facebook @kellibrogan You can download my new album on iTunes, googleplay, my website or cdbaby and you can order a copy on cd at my website. Spotify and Pandora will also have the album available to stream shortly.

(Ralph) Thanks so much Kelli for chatting with me. You seem to have a lot of support and we here at explodeded.com support you as well.

(Kelli) Thanks again Ralph for having me as part of your show, I really do appreciate your support and do love chatting with you.

(Ralph) It's been a pleasure having you on Kelli. Have a great evening.

Thanks to Kelli Brogan for joining me. I hope you all enjoyed our chat.

Until next time... I am Radio Ralph.

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